Digital Sound Processors in the Bay Area

If you want to hear music the way the musician intended, you need a digital sound processor. This device acts as a microprocessor for your car’s stereo system, routing music from its source to the amplifier.

It removes the factory-set equalizer settings to get rid of any built-in deficiencies in the sound system. This allows you full control of each individual speaker.

Simply put, digital sound processors turn drivers from mere listeners to full-on composers. These processors give you the ability to avoid issues based on differing speaker size and distance from the source and set a level of sound that’s perfect for you and your automobile.


A company driven by innovation, Alpine focuses on research and development to ensure the sound their devices produce is the same regardless of the driving environment.

They get granular with their analysis, testing how seat position, the make of the dashboard, and the number of passengers affect sound within a car. Alpine’s line of digital processors includes the PXE-0850S, a device capable of being controlled wirelessly via a smartphone.

Like all of Alpine’s products, the PXE-0850s is a versatile creation, capable of being used with both factory-built and aftermarket sound systems.

Audiotec Fischer Helix DSP

Helix Car Audio is another highly rated digital sound processor brand. With competitively priced devices that still rank near the top in terms of performance, Helix focuses on the experience of listening to music. Their products regularly receive rave reviews from consumer review guides.

Helix’s product line includes the DSP mini and DSP PRO MK2. The former delivers big sounds through a compact device, while the latter packs power and high-class performance. Both processors, like all of Helix’s, offer a clean, modern look that adds to their luster.

Blam Audio DSP

One of the newer brands in the world of digital sound processors, BLAM Audio focuses on what they describe as the “French Sound.” This sound was born from the French audiophiles of the late 1960s and early 1070s, who preferred the natural sound of music that lacked layers of post-production. Today, BLAM endeavors to infuse their products with their passion for this natural sound.

BLAM builds its products in its uniquely designed sound laboratory in France. Their Signature products produce hover between elegant and refined, with a focus on both performance and design.

Autohaus Automotive Solutions

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Image Credit: Shutterstock By Wesarach Uttama