Tool Boxes

Autohaus Automotive Solutions offers a wide selection of tool boxes and chests for your truck. We are an authorized WeatherGuard Dealer. We can get any WeatherGuard box that you need and we have many in stock in our local warehouse available the following business day.

Standard Crossover

These are the most common truck bed toolboxes you see on the road; they’re named as “crossover” toolboxes because they cross over from one side of your bed rails to the other. These toolboxes typically have a single lid, opening up and back toward your rear window. Crossover toolboxes are also known as cross-bed or saddle toolboxes.

Low-Profile Crossover

Low-profile crossover boxes feature the same design as a standard crossover toolbox, except they offer a slim lid that sits closer to the bed rail to allows better rear visibility, while sacrificing a little bit of storage space.

Gullwing Crossover

Gullwing crossover boxes feature the same design as a standard crossover toolbox, except they have doors much like a DeLorean’s doors, gull wing toolboxes feature two lids that open toward each other at the center of the box allowing for easy access from the side of the truck.

Deep Crossover

Deep crossover boxes feature the same design as a standard crossover toolbox, except the center section of the tool box sits deeper into the bed, taking up more of the bed length, but providing much more storage for tool.

Tool Chest

Truck bed tool chests are big on capacity and versatility. These beefy boxes mount directly to the floor of your truck bed instead of wrapping over the bed rails. The Pros: A tool chest doesn’t impair your rear vision, looks smoother, and can be teamed with most tonneau covers without modification. On the downside, a truck tool chest effectively cuts the length of your truck bed as longer items can’t slide under the box.

Wheel Well

Wheel well toolboxes, also called pork chop toolboxes, fill the dead space between your wheel wells and the tailgate. A pair of these clever boxes outfits your truck bed without hogging hauling space. Swinging wheel well boxes are also available that swing out of the bed when the tailgate is open for easier access.

Side-Mount (High)

Side-mounted (hi-side) toolboxes give your truck just the right amount of extra secure space for tools. Ready to mount to each side of the bed rails, these trusty toolboxes are great for longer gear and are available in a style that matches other truck bed toolboxes. Side-mount toolboxes are also known as high-side toolboxes.


Low-profile side-mounted toolboxes, also called lo-side or inner-side boxes, give you longer storage space along the bed rail without sacrificing bed space, but with a lower profile design than a standard side-mount box. These often sit partially inside the bed rail.

Truck Toolbox Finishes

Diamond Aluminum


Diamond Aluminum (Black)


Diamond Stainless Steel


Steel (White)


Steel (Black)