GPS Tracking


How Guidepoint works for you?

Guidepoint works through a state-of-the-art GPS device installed in your vehicle, allowing information to be sent back and forth between the vehicle and Guidepoint’s 24/7 Response Center.

If you ever have an emergency on the road, the Guidepoint Response Center will rush police, fire department, paramedics, and even a tow truck directly to you, wherever you are.

Help When You Need It

Press the OnCall Vehicle Panic Button and the Guidepoint Response Center will dispatch all the help you need be it EMT, police, fire or roadside assistance. * Services may vary based on the product you purchased.


Guidepoint Solutions for Persons At Risk.

Guidepoint’s GPS based Online Vehicle Location Monitoring and Control System gives vehicle owners all of the tools to know where the vehicle is while in the hands of a family member or loved one.

Vehicle owners with multiple drivers in the household-elders behind the wheel, teen drivers, women or men who drive alone at night, are often faced with their safety and security concerns.

The Help You Need. Anywhere. Anytime.

  • Get help from paramedics for medical emergencies.
  • Get police help.
  • Dispatch the fire department if needed.
  • Get roadside assistance and towing.

Your secret weapon against car thieves

In the event of a theft, Guidepoint will quickly locate your vehicle anywhere throughout the US, Canada and Mexico and work with law enforcement until it is returned to you.

Member Benefits

Speak to a live operator 24/7. Guidepoint’s 24/7 Response Team is not an online chat service or push button phone recording. Our response teams are locally based in Fort Worth, Texas and Madison Heights, Michigan.

At Guidepoint, we like to say “Membership Means More”. That’s because you’re entitled to access a growing list of incredible money saving benefits just for being a Guidepoint Member! We’ve partnered with leading companies to provide you with products and services you need everyday at amazing prices you won’t find anywhere else!


You drive… We will do the rest.

When it comes to keeping tabs on your vehicle, nothing gives you more knowledge, insight, and protection than Guidepoint’s Vehicle Monitoring.

Ideal for concerned parents of teen drivers, adult children of aging parents, business owners or anyone concerned with protecting their family and vehicle, Guidepoint’s Vehicle Monitoring give you high-tech service like:

Vehicle Tracking

Know where your vehicle is at all times. Guidepoint gives you the ability to locate your vehicle when it’s being used by anyone else, such as your teens – or other family members.

Speed and Arrival / Departure Alerts

You will be notified if your vehicle ever exceeds a speed limit or an arrival / departure boundary you’ve set. It’s the ideal solution for the safety and security of your loved ones.


Your Own Personal Driving Assistant.

You never know when you’ll need to make last minute reservations, tickets to tonight’s game, reservations at a local steak house, or up to the minute stock quotes, Guidepoint’s concierge services will take care of it for you.


Moving Forward.

Guidepoint and our customers powered products have received awards and been acknowledged by Frost & Sullivan as the #1 aftermarket Telematics provider, by Connected World and by numerous industry research organizations.