DVR / Digital Video Recorder


MITO proudly offers a new line of Dash Cameras by THINKWARE. One of the World’s leaders in Dash Cam technology, THINKWARE has been innovating the drive recorder since 1997. In recent years dash cams have gained massive popularity for their importance in providing video evidence of traffic accidents. However, dash cams can be more than just a recording device of traffic incidents, but also a companion to capture and share your adventures on the road. From stressful traffic incidents to beautiful road trips, DASH CAM’s can be the most dependable car companion that records all your driving scenarios.

The Gold Standard in Dash Cam Technology Smartphone Integration Take complete control of the F770 Wi-Fi enabled dash cam using a free smartphone app. Super Night Vision Great detail at night with Thinkware’s patented ultra-low light vision technology. Time Lapse Parking Surveillance Longer Recording time while you are away from your car with a smaller storage requirement.

Here is a video of the DVR Dash Cam in Action:

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