Back Up Camera

Replacement Rearview Mirror With Backup Camera

Prevent expensive or tragic accidents that occur due to blind spot visibility issues with an OEM quality rear vision system from Brandmotion. Our complete rear vision kits are designed for use with nearly every vehicle.

Our backup camera systems can be integrated into your vehicle’s factory screen or include a rear view mirror with built in 3.5″ color display that disappears when not in use. We have many mirror variations to retain all of your vehicle’s factory features such as auto-dimming, compass, temperature, homelink, OnStar, and more!

This high quality OEM lip mount camera provides a superior color video feed and sufficient night time illumination. Call our experts at Autoplex today to find the right backup camera system for your vehicle!

Integrate Backup Camera Into Factory Screens

Order #
Mirror w/ 3.5" Display WITH UNIVERSAL CAMERA#M695P
Mirror w/ 3.5" Display/Auto Dimming WITH UNIVERSAL CAMERA#R795C
Mirror w/ 3.5" Display/Auto Dimming/Compass/Temp WITH UNIVERSAL CAMERA#N849L
Mirror w/ 3.3" Display/Auto Dimming/Comp Homelk WITH UNIVERSAL CAMERA#A995P
OnStar Replacement Mirror w/ 3.5" WITH UNIVERSAL CAMERA#Q895E