Universal 360° Vision

The 360º Vehicle Vision System from BrandMotion uses its four cameras, located at the front and rear bumpers and also under each side rear-view mirror, to stitch together an overhead birds-eye view of the vehicle and its surroundings. It allows the driver to toggle through different views including the standard rear-view backup camera, birds-eye view, forward pointing parking camera, and both side cameras independently. You can even view multiple views at the same time on right in your factory display in your dash!

  • Provides 4x the safety of a backup camera
  • Camera software seamlessly stitches images together for easy maneuvering in tight spots
  • An ideal solution for large vans and SUVs or wide-bodied cars
  • Toggle multiple view modes with the push of a button
  • System consists of a flush mounted front camera, two camera pods that mount to the vehicle’s exterior mirrors, and a rear camera
  • Forward camera can be activated automatically at speeds under 7mph
  • Module generated park lines on reverse camera view
  • Dual camera display interface required for use with factory radio

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