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You and your car have a special relationship. All of that time on the road forms a bond with your vehicle, and it can quickly become one of your best friends. There’s one key ingredient in that formula that can truly enhance your driving experience: the accessories.

Autohaus Automotive is a locally run Bay Area company that provides expert service for outfitting your car or truck with the best custom auto accessories. Operating since 1974, we deal with reputable manufacturers and suppliers to ensure our customers get the most out of their ride.

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    High Performance Meets High Standards

    Our standard of quality is set high: put simply, we keep our bases covered. Fully insured, we also keep membership with the Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association and Hayward Chamber of Commerce. We take pride in our role as the premier auto parts store in Hayward, CA. Our extensive background in the automotive industry brings you competitive prices and expert services from trustworthy technicians.

    From automotive audio and video to repairs, we’ve got it all. Whether it’s installing a brand new car stereo, a reliable security system to protect your investment, or outfitting with an in-dash navigation system, Autohaus Automotive Solutions gets the job done cleanly and efficiently for a lasting addition to your car or truck. If you’re an aficionado, or just love your vehicle and are looking for an upgrade, we have the knowledge and customer support to find the best-suited options.


    Advantages of our service

    Quality Car Accessories

    All the car parts and details we have in stock were purchased from the most trustworthy dealers and manufacturers.

    Seasoned Team

    When it comes to repairing or doing a revamp on your car’s mechanics or electronics, all our team combined has almost a century of practical experience.

    Customer-Oriented Service

    We value the service we provide and our loyal returning customers can always expect some appreciation from us, like a future service discount or a gift.

    Affordable Prices

    We aim to make our service as reasonably priced as possible. That’s why we cut on all unessential business expenses.

    Elevate The Driving Experience

    We boast an impressive assortment of audio systems and offer quality installations for the greater Hayward CA area. Every time you get behind the wheel you want to enjoy your favorite music and radio, so why settle for less? Choose from our excellent collection of speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers to customize a great pairing with your car stereo. Both visually and audibly appealing systems will leave you with a sleek look and rich sound everywhere you go.

    Trucks are another specialty of ours, and we take great care with outfitting your vehicle with excellent products. Check out our extensive array of add-ons and accessories for whatever utilities you need. Interior and exterior additions are professionally mounted and integrated for a seamless fit. We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to answer any questions about our service and capabilities at (510) 881-1915. Contact us today to see what Autohaus Automotive Solutions can do for you!


    Alex Martinez

    When I took my Fiat here, its condition was kind of awful, following a recent car accident that I got into. But these guys managed to save the auto, repairing it and completely revamping its interior! Great job!

    Bay Area Resident

    Michael Drinker

    Autohaus has been around for over 40 years! I truly believe they have outlasted so many audio shops because they truly understand the meaning of customer service.

    Team Chevrolet in Vallejo

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